Know where to look for the leaks in your swimming pool

Though, as an owner of a swimming pool and pet petrol store, it is not unusual for pools to decrease its water level, especially that there are many factors to be considered before judging into a conclusion. First, is maybe because of the backwashing your water filter is doing. Second, the process of evaporation especially during the sun is at its peak and lastly, water may splash out of the pools, because many have used it.

If you are done considering these things, you have this gut feeling that there is something odd happening with the water level constant decrease. Well, maybe it’s the right moment to locate the possible places you are suspected that has unwanted leaks. You might as well buy some home renovation items from Sattaj Collections Store.

There are many techniques that you can try in finding the location of the leaks, it can be:

  1. Try to drop a colored dye and see if it will be sucked up somewhere in the pool. In this way, it will be easier for you to locate it. When doing this technique like OSY Cebu SEO, make sure to turn off everything that would alter the calmness of the water.
  2. Put a tape on the side of the pool, and the average water drop is only 0.6 cm per day, leave it for 24 hours and if the water has decreased more than the given average number, then it has a water leak.
  3. On the pool step, put a pot with a hard object to prevent it from being washed. Marked the level of the water of the pool, by adding the same level of water to the pot. Leave it for 24 hours, then check if there are possible changes.


Plumbing Equipment A Plumber Should Have

Basically, a plumber’s ability to repair things has something to do with the his knowledge about the tools and their appropriate usage. If a plumber knows how to use these equipment he has, then it’s a guarantee that anything he repairs will be effective.


These are the things a plumber should have in his toolbox to ensure that the leaking pipe won’t give you any problem.



  • Drill machine


Even if it’s intimidating to use one, for the plumbers perspective, a drilling machine is essential to there work. It’s main role is to make holes to give way for the pipes either a plastic or a metal one. Furthermore, this tool can also be used to access even at a confined areas and tight that aren’t easy to be reached.


  1.  Hand Auger

This is famous Pet Supplies Online Store for its name as the plumber’s snake and basically, this is a hand-powered tool that has a long cable. It is used for an alternative plunger in clearing any barriers from the sinks, drain lines, tubs and even toilets. In addition, it serves the same as the function of a plunger, however it doesn’t mean he don’t necessarily need a real plunger, because there are still instances that one of which may not work well so they have to use the alternative one.

  1.  Tubing cutter

This is a tool that is used for cutting pipes and is known as C-clamp tool. In compare to the hacksaw, this tool is much more nice and with a clean cut just a few minutes.

  1. Plunger

A tool that is considered as the plumber’s friend and it earned it, because literally, it offer a big help. Basically, it has a suction cup that is made of rubber and usually it is attached on a wooden stick. The suction cup looks like a ball of rubber that is cut into half. In addition, its main function is to help clear anything that blocks the water from going through the pipes.

In using a plunger, it’s as simple as pressing it down to the area that’s been blocked. The mechanic of its system is to vacuum the thing that’s blocking the area and not pushing it deeper.

  1. Pipe wrench

It has a movable jaw that can be extended to the desired diameter, depending on how big a pipe is. The jaw can be adjusted by manipulating the ring that can be seen on its head. Furthermore, this type of a tool is very convenient for the plumber’s part, because if it can be used for any sizes of bolts, pipes and for tightening.

Any tool that has been mentioned above, it does not mean that these are only the things that a plumber should have. Every tool is essential, however the tools that are listed in here are the most basic tools to buy before purchasing everything without a knowledge of its proper usage and maintenance. Any one who do repairs should wear safety cover all that can be purchased either on the section of women’s activewear clothes and for men’s clothing collection that Cebu SEO Specialist in OutSmart You wore..