Gas Hot Water System Prices nowadays

What does a gas hot water system cost? Do you need to get gas hot water system prices?


An installed price for a gas hot water system can vary anywhere from $1200 to $2500 depending on many factors!

It can be rather easy to give you gas hot water system prices for just the unit, however, if you want to get an instantaneous or gas storage install price, you need to contact a gas fitter  for the installed price with no more to pay. We can easily arrange this for you and get one of our local , trusted hot water professionals to contact you within 24hrs.  This is an obligation free service.

The price of the gas hot water system can depend upon the following?

  1. What type/brand of Gas Hot Water System does the home owner want. (instantaneous or storage)?
  2. Will it require natural or bottled gas?
  3. Will the plumber/gas fitter be replacing an electric or existing gas system in its place?
  4. Will the original hot water system need to be removed and dumped by the owner or by the hot water professional.


 Gas Hot Water System Prices

1. What Gas Hot Water System Brands are out there? What are the Different types of Gas Hot Water Systems?

There are two main types of gas hot water systems: These are instantaneous (continuous flow) and storage gas hot water systems.
Some brands that will affect the Gas Hot Water System Prices which are currently available through our installers include:

Continuous Flow systems:

  • Everhot
  • Rheem Continuous Flow
  • Bosch 16P Standing Pilot
  • Rinnai Infinity
  • Rinnai Infinity Plus
  • Bosh HydroPower
  • Dux Endurance
  • Bosch 10H Internal Gas Hot water System
  • Bosch 13H HydroPower

Gas Storeage systems:

  • Rheem Stellar
  • Aquamax 390
  • Everhot 270
  • Everhot 320
  • Rheemglas
  • Dux Prodigy

2. What size Gas hot water systems are they after? (natural or bottled gas???)

Common storage sizes include:

  • 265L
  • 270L
  • 295L
  • 330L
  • 360L
  • 390L

Natural gas is cheaper to run then LPG bottled gas as a rule. However, depending upon your application, you may like to check this again with the gas fitter when he/she comes out.

3. Where is the original hot water system located and will the new heat pump be able to sit in its place?

Does your existing hot water system meet all the necessary BCA, Local Council and State/Federal Plumbing & Gas Fitter regulations?
Can the replacement system simply replace the existing system or does the gas hot water system need to be situated in another place
requiring more plumbing/gas fitting and/or electrical work? If so, it may impact on the final installation price. This is another reason why
its so important to get a firm quote on site that’s not going to change once the plumber/gas fitter has finished

4. Will the original hot water system need to removed?

Does the Gas Fitter/Plumber need to remove and dispose of the old system? There may be fees involved for the plumber/gas fitter to safely dispose of your old hot water system.

If this sounds like a lot of information to take in, that’s because it is.

If your confused or are simply ready to buy but want to get the best gas hot water system prices, why not take advantage of our obligation free service and enter your details on
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