Hot Water Heating Systems

It is important to understand what types of hot water heating systems there are in order to make the right purchase for your home. You must also know how much you are willing spend because hot water heaters vary in cost.

When shopping for hot water heating systems, the cheapest will cost you more money over time with maintenance fees and replacement parts, so don’t be fooled into jumping on the lowest priced units. Depending on what type of hot water heating system you are interested in, you may pay between $300-$1500.

How do you determine the cost over the course of the hot water heating system’s lifetime? You must first determine the energy factor or (EF) of a particular hot water heating system. In short, the higher the energy factor the more efficient your water heater will run.  If your water heater will run on natural gas, then an EF of .62 or higher is recommended. If your water heater will run on electric power an EF of .93 or higher will suffice.

The most common types of hot water heaters are storage water heaters that are fueled by gas, propane, electricity and fuel oil. The chances are great that the type of hot water heating system is a storage water heater. The common storage hot water heater stores between 20-80 gallons of water.  A storage water heater that is powered by natural gas or propane, rather then electric, will save you money over time even if the tanks are the same size.

On-demand water heaters are increasingly becoming more common today. On-demand water heaters or “tank-less” water heaters heat water as needed rather then keeping the water hot at all times. On-demand water heaters may save you in energy costs because you are not paying to keep the water hot at all times (only when you need it). When using a common storage heater, many people turn their water off to save on energy costs while vacationing.

The number of people you have in your household will determine how large your hot water heater will be.

2 people = 30-40 gallons

3 people = 40 gallons

4 people = 40-50 gallons

5 or more = 50-80 gallons

There is no need to purchase an oversized, expensive water heater for only two people, is there? A family will obviously need a much larger hot water heater system then a sole individual.

If you are new to the whole hot water heater system game, you may want to consider a professional when it comes time for installation. Read the specifications of all hot water heating systems very carefully and receive an estimate on the installation cost from the manufacturer. If you do the necessary research, not only will you have hot water when you need it but you will save yourself a substantial amount of money over the course of the year (perhaps even within the next month).

Ensure you have enough space for your hot water heating system. Measure the locations you are planning to place it if you feel it may be larger then your older system.