Know where to look for the leaks in your swimming pool

Though, as an owner of a swimming pool and pet petrol store, it is not unusual for pools to decrease its water level, especially that there are many factors to be considered before judging into a conclusion. First, is maybe because of the backwashing your water filter is doing. Second, the process of evaporation especially during the sun is at its peak and lastly, water may splash out of the pools, because many have used it.

If you are done considering these things, you have this gut feeling that there is something odd happening with the water level constant decrease. Well, maybe it’s the right moment to locate the possible places you are suspected that has unwanted leaks. You might as well buy some home renovation items from Sattaj Collections Store.

There are many techniques that you can try in finding the location of the leaks, it can be:

  1. Try to drop a colored dye and see if it will be sucked up somewhere in the pool. In this way, it will be easier for you to locate it. When doing this technique like OSY Cebu SEO, make sure to turn off everything that would alter the calmness of the water.
  2. Put a tape on the side of the pool, and the average water drop is only 0.6 cm per day, leave it for 24 hours and if the water has decreased more than the given average number, then it has a water leak.
  3. On the pool step, put a pot with a hard object to prevent it from being washed. Marked the level of the water of the pool, by adding the same level of water to the pot. Leave it for 24 hours, then check if there are possible changes.


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