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Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Replacement & Repair

You have to face the truth that your water heater can't last forever. All you can do is prolong its lifespan through regular maintenance. It's just one of those plumbing issues that you know is coming at some point. This process can also help keep track of your tank's efficiency from time to time. However, if your heating system reaches the end of the road, a water heater replacement is your only way out.

Replacement Water Heater Tips

Look for signs and symptoms, whether your unit needs a replacement. Make sure you turn off the circuit breaker and water supply valve to avoid accidents. If you are not sure what areas to check on, seek advice from a water heater specialist for professional help.

Feel the water.

Your heater should produce enough water for you and your family. Check how long your hot water supply lasts. If you used to take longer showers right before you run out of hot-water, then it's probably time to invest in a new unit.Look for signs of water damage right below your tank.

Water stains and pools of water are great signs that your unit is leaking. This happens when hard water minerals sit inside the inner tank for a long time, allowing corrosion to develop easily. Prevent rust from eating your tank away by regularly flushing and draining it.Check the quality of your water.

Always keep your water quality at its best for you and your family. Ingesting rusty water can be very dangerous and can cause health problems in the long run. Draining and flushing can sometimes fix this water heater problem. However, if it doesn't work, consider buying a water heater replacement instead.

Find how old your water heater is.

Conventional water heaters are less efficient as they age. You will end up spending more money in repairs together with a high electric bill. If you feel your unit is consuming too much energy, select modern water heaters that are more energy-efficient. It will help you reduce your power consumption at the same time.

Watch out for varying temperatures.

Always check if your thermostat is properly set at the right temperature. Sometimes, all you need is to adjust your tank's temperature to let hot water run out of your tap. Be careful not to set it too much because can cause your tank to overheat or explode. In worst cases, you may need to replace your aging tank since a simple repair can no longer do the trick.

Check if your water smells bad.

Nobody wants to smell like rotten eggs first thing in the morning. Your heating system can produce smelly water if the minerals inside your tank build up. You can use a water softener or filter to improve your water quality. Draining and flushing can also help your tank to remove the remaining sediment. If it doesn't work, consult a specialist to help you fix the problem.

Replacement water heaters can be very expensive compared to simple system repairs. However, you must realize that modern water heaters nowadays are more cost-efficient and have a high heating capacity than your old unit. Always ask help from a specialist in water heater repair Oceanside, California when it's time for a replacement water heater. This is to ensure your next heating system will be perfect for your family.

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