What makes solar water heating systems the best

Solar hot water heating systems are an excellent way to save money on your energy costs. Why? Well, because solar power heaters use the sun to generate power – as far as we know the sun is free to use.

The newest solar water heaters are more practical than would one imagine, and therefore, more people are relying on solar power to give them hot water on a continuous basis.

Not all solar powered water heating systems are created equal.  There are three different types of solar collectors (integral collector, evacuated tube solar collectors, & flat plate collector) and two different types of solar water heating systems (active & passive).

An integral collector features one or more black tubes, all of which are insulated. Cold water then passes through the solar collector, which will preheat the water. This is important because many water heaters will keep the water hot at all times – which will cost you more money than if the water is heated only when needed. These types of solar hot water heaters should only be installed mid-freeze because the pipes could freeze in extremely cold climates, rendering your solar hot water heating device useless.

Evacuated tube solar collectors, which are used for commercial use rather then residential, feature parallel rows of transparent tubes. Each tube consists of a glass outer tube and metal absorber tube attached to the fin. The fin is what absorbs the solar energy to help produce the hot water.

Flat plate collectors are weather proof, insulated boxes that are made out of a dark absorber plate under a plastic polymer or glass cover.

Expect to pay between $900-$2500 for a quality solar hot water heating system. Keep in mind, you may pay more for a solar powered water heater now but will save a great deal of money on energy costs over the long term. Not only will you save money on energy costs but you will be limiting your usage of fossil fuel consumption.

How many homes have solar powered water heaters on average? The answer is not many thus far.  As a result, if you would like to resell your home in the future, a solar water heater will surely add to your home’s value.

Solar power water heaters are no different then a standard water heater in that you must purchase the correct size for your home. If you have a large family that uses a large quantity of water a 60-gallon tank should be appropriate.

How does your solar power heating system do during cloudy or rainy days? They do just fine, since the majority of these units have a back up storage or on-demand system in place. This will allow you to receive hot water no matter what the weather is like outside.

Solar hot water heating systems are relatively easy to install. If you feel you are not the most handy person in the world there are many quality professionals that will  install your unit for a fair price. It is recommended to receive price quotes from as many manufacturers as possible to ensure that you find the cheapest quote.